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Wensday Wensday

Male Human Wizard

Born in The City of Ledale

STR 15 INT 13 WIS 15 DEX 14 CON 13 CHA 8

Character Backstory:

Growing up, Wensday hated his name. He and his mother both agreed that it wasn’t a good name for a wizard. So he changed it. He doesn’t remember what it was officially. But it was something akin to Stephen. The point is that he changed his name so he could be taken seriously as a wizard. In his free time, Wensday is known for haunting the taverns around the city, playing complex card games and betting large sums of money on the outcome of his games. His favorite card game is “Flinch.”


Wensday is laidback and sarcastic. He also has a dry sense of humor. He is quite perceptive and can often see things no one else can.


Wensday has short brown hair that is always somewhat unkempt. He has a broad smile that makes him look more confident than he actually is. He always wears a hooded cloak to hide his face from his foes. He keeps an arcane focus on his person, ready to defend himself from any magical dangers.

Start of Character:

Now in the Kingdom of Grabisco, Wensday has been tasked with finding the wizard who killed the King and Queen of Grabisco. He is looking for them, but has learned the hard way that finding them in this vast city just isn’t happening.

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