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Rasten Nadik Male Dark Elf Illusionist

Born in The City of Torch

STR 15 INT 15 WIS 17 DEX 9 CON 13 CHA 8

Character Backstory:

Rasten grew up in the city of Torch. He was bullied by his peers and his parents, having no friends growing up. As he grew older, and more formidable, he decided to strike back at his former tormentors. He now carries a grudge against the City of Torch, having destroyed several of its landmarks. In addition, he has come into possession of a mysterious artifact that he knows very little about.

Character's Personality:

After years of social isolation, Rasten is a bit of an outcast. He has a temper and often lashes out at those who have wronged him. He is a quick thinker and quite capable of taking care of himself.

Character's Appearance:

Rasten has long, black hair that he often lets hang in his face. He is tall and lean. He wears leather armor and carries a shield and scimitar in battle. It is rumored that he wears a necklace made from a finger bone from the father of a person who was horrible to him when he was a child.

Start of Character:

Without a doubt, Rasten is seeking revenge against the people of Torch. However, he may end up becoming a bandit when his revenge plot is complete.

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