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Caelan Eversong Male Dark Elf Bard

Born in The City of Rumbalara

STR 11 INT 10 WIS 17 DEX 11 CON 16 CHA 9

Character Backstory:

Caelan was born in the Eastern Kingdom of Grabisco, the city of Rumbalara. His father, an adventurer, taught him everything he knew about combat, thievery, and adventuring. Caelan had his father’s love of the arts, and he was particularly drawn to the magic arts. When he was old enough, he traveled with his father to the western lands of Grabisco. He stayed with the group of adventurers until they came to Rumbalara and then left to continue his adventures. Now he is traveling with his girlfriend, Epiphany, in search of his first band of adventurers.

Character's Personality:

Caelan is aggressive and confident in his abilities. He always wants to prove himself, no matter what. He's just a big kid who loves being in front of an audience.

Character's Appearance:

Caelan is tall and slender, with long brown hair that is usually tied back. He always wears armor and can be seen carrying two swords at all times.

Start of Character:

He has decided to journey and see what the world has to offer him.

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What are some tragic background ideas?

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If you're playing D&D and want some heroic ideas for your PC, consider these:

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Overall, here are some tips to make a unique character:

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