Ayvevn Ion – Male Dwarf Artificer

Ayvevn Ion – Male Dwarf Artificer

STR 10 / INT 18 / WIS 10 / DEX 5 / CON 16 / CHA 10

Born in Oulleport (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Reckless) (Agressive) (Uncivilized)

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Male Dwarf Artificer

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Ayvevn Ion the Inventor was raised by his father, a dwarven artificer, and his mother, an elven craftsman. The family lived in the mountains in a large cottage. Ayvevn spent his time in the cellar, as he had a particular affinity for smithing and applied his father’s lessons to his creations.

When Ayvevn got older and could understand, his mother taught him holy magic, which she herself had learned from the elves. The father and son duo were the talk of the town for their gifted abilities.

When Ayvevn was finally old enough, he took his brother’s place in the dwarven army, left the cottage, and fought in the Battle of Blight. He didn’t like battle and soon fled, becoming a fugitive.

He took work as an artificer’s apprentice just outside Bartlegaard, in the mountains surrounding the human city. Year after year, he worked hard, learning all the skills he would need to make his own magic items.

Ayvevn’s teacher sent him away before he thought he’d learned everything, but he’s not sad. With the knowledge of magic he’s built up, he’s sure a team of adventurers will want him to join their group. He wants to see the world.


Ayvevn is measured, thoughtful and a little bit of a workaholic. He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty with some hard work, but he also likes to sit back and contemplate on what he’s learned from that experience.

He can be serious at times, but he is also quite sarcastic and enjoys making people laugh. Not your typical dwarf, Ayvevn the Inventor is a mischievous and easy-going fellow who just wants to make cool stuff for his friends.


Ayvevn has hair that can only be described as a “mad scientist” style, including his beard.

He dresses in dull browns and tan robes with a floppy bronze hat.

Start of Character:

He is currently in the company of his mortal companion, Vivianna Cline, traveling through the Kingdom of Grabisco.

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