Zeke Zetharstone – Male Dwarf Fighter

Zeke Zetharstone – Male Dwarf Fighter

STR 11 / INT 7 / WIS 11 / DEX 12 / CON 5 / CHA 11

Born in Svekti (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Musclebound) (Stout) (Plucky)

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Zeke Zetharstone – Male Dwarf Fighter

Feel free to use this male dwarf character backstory (non-commercially) in your fantasy tabletop RPG campaign.


Zeke was born to a family of miners. His family was poor, but he was a good-natured child and his father always said that he had a bright future ahead of him. His family lived in a small cottage built into the side of a hill.

He spent most of his time playing with his father in the mines, learning the ways of a miner. His mother taught him to be kind and generous to others. When he was old enough to work, he started working in the mines with his father.

He was paid a small amount of money and they saved their money to buy a house. Zeke’s father was killed in a rockslide. Zeke’s mother was devastated. She went to work in the mines with her son to help support the family.

They lived in their old cottage for several years, saving money for a new house. One day, a noble visited their village. The noble was looking for men to join his army. Zeke’s mother was worried that Zeke would be killed in battle, so she refused to let him join the army.

Zeke was very upset. A few days later, Zeke left home and joined the army. His mother was heartbroken, but she knew it was something he had to do. Zeke’s mother died not long after that. Zeke’s father left him his best pickaxe. Zeke still uses it today.


Zeke is very kind to those who are kind to him, but he can be very stubborn. He loves to work and loves to drink. He never backs down from a fight and he never gives up on a job. He is very proud of his mining skills and he is very eager to teach others.

He is very proud of his family and his mining heritage. He is very proud of his father’s pickaxe and he is always carrying it with him. In general, he is a proud man and will not hesitate to boast about his accomplishments. He does not suffer fools lightly.


Zeke is a big man. He is very muscular and his hair is dark and coarse. He is very strong and his hands are calloused from years of mining. He has a thick beard that is well groomed. He is always clean and his clothes are well kept.

He wears a lot of practical clothing such as tunics and pants. He also wears a lot of jewelry such as necklaces and rings. He has a lot of tattoos of various sorts. He has one that is the sign of Moradin, one for his family name, one for his home town, and one for each of his children.

He is always armed with his father’s pickaxe, a great hammer, and a short sword that was made for him by his father. He wears a golden necklace with a pendant of Moradin’s symbol. He’s considered a good looking dwarf by those of his kind.

Start of Character:

Zeke has joined a mercenary company and is traveling around the world. He has heard that there are many opportunities for miners in Grabisco and he is eager to explore this new land.

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