Ao Owlfoot – Male Halfling Enchanter

Ao Owlfoot – Male Halfling Enchanter

STR 13 / INT 10 / WIS 13 / DEX 18 / CON 9 / CHA 17

Born in Muddy Campsite (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Illiterate) (Agressive) (Hard of Hearing) (Willow)

Table of Contents

Male Halfling Enchanter

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Ao is a Halfling who grew up in his father’s bamboo forest. He learned from a young age to hunt with a longbow, to snare rabbits, and to train and ride his rat-like mount. Many of the villagers mistreated him, so he would often escape the village with his pet rat named Pooka.

He and Pooka would ride through the bamboo forests for hours. One day, Pooka was injured by a porcupine and bitten by a snake. Ao had to find a way to save his dear little rat, so he traveled to Grabisco Kingdom.

Ao enlisted the help of a local priest of Garaak, the High Dark Elf God of Trickery and Greed. The priest healed Pooka and helped Ao heal his broken heart, teaching Ao to be grateful for his little life.

Ao started over in Grabisco, making a new life for himself with his pet rat and not looking back on his old one. He applies to learn enchantment magic and was accepted with the help of Garaak.

He studied hard and became an enchanter, ready to travel the entire world of Zaidan. Beyond the kingdom of Grabisco, he wants to know what really exists. He’s never been outside of the kingdom, but he wants to find a group of adventurers to help him explore.


Ao grew up hunting and he still loves the thrill of the hunt. He is a romantic, who loves the beauty of nature, so much so that he has never been able to smile when he sees his reflection. He does not like being in large crowds and interacting with others.

He’s cautious about letting anyone know he’s an enchanter, even some close friends. The stress of having everyone wanting you to enchant something for them is too much for his fragile soul. He does tell some people if they understand how it makes him feel.

Overall, he’s a great guy to be around. His magic is getting stronger all the time, but he’s not too conceited about it. His laid back attitude and high charisma make him a likable halfling people like to have around – even if they don’t know he’s also an enchanter.


Ao Owlfoot has curly red hair and an infectious smile. He wears a simple brown and green canvas outfit. He keeps a sheath for his knife on his belt. Overall, he looks like your normal halfling.

Start of Character:

Ao has joined Wart Bite and Iago Greenhollow on the journey, which has taken them all over Grabisco Kingdom.

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