Guinevere – Female Harengon Monk

Guinevere – Female Harengon Monk

STR 15 / INT 15 / WIS 15 / DEX 17 / CON 11 / CHA 14

Born in Wintroft Village (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Slow) (Detached) (Stout)

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Female Rabbitfolk (Rabbitfolk) Monk

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Guinevere was born in the Kingdom of Grabisco, in the village of Wintroft Village. She was a young, beautiful girl with long, thick, white hair and piercing blue eyes. She was a kind and gentle girl and was raised by her parents. She had a knack for healing and took up the calling early in life.

When she was of age, she began her formal training and became a monk. During her time of training, she was known for her potent healing ability, as well as her constant upbeat attitude and unarmed combat skills. She was a pillar of her community and was with them every step of her life.

At the age of 18, she decided to leave her home and travel. She left to discover new things, meet new people, and see new places. Her parents were sad to see her go, but supported her decision. Guinevere found it tough to live among the humanoids, but had to do what she could to adapt and survive.

While traveling, she visited a village that was under attack by a band of orcs. She joined the fight and helped her fellow villagers defend their homes. During the fight, she nearly gave her own life so that the others may survive.

After that day, the bards sung of the rabbitfolk and how they weren’t so bad. The villagers named her the “Hero of Wintroft Village”. She vowed to protect the people and vowed to help others who needed it. She has been doing that ever since, helping those she can.

Guinevere is kind and compassionate. She can be goofy at times, but is always optimistic and loves to make new friends. She is a firm believer in the positive power of music and encourages music to be played at all times.

Not much is known about her past relationship with her parents, but it is known that she misses them dearly.


Guinevere is a kind and caring person who sometimes fancies herself as a nurse. She is very sweet and loves people, but she can sometimes seem a bit too naive and gullible. She is also very protective of those she loves and will go through great lengths to protect them.

Guinevere finds the idea of fighting unnecessary and would rather avoid it if she can. Although if it comes down to it, she will not hesitate to protect herself. She is a pacifist, but she knows that sometimes force is needed.

While traveling, Guinevere discovered a bit of a funny side to her. She loves to joke around and will even include herself in her own jokes. She’s very self-aware and sometimes even makes fun of herself.

Overall, she is a kind and caring person who likes to make people laugh. She makes friends easily and finds it easy to open up to new people. She loves to help people in need, but also knows when to say no.


Guinevere is a female rabbitfolk (rabbit human chimera). She has long white hair and blue eyes that dazzle. She wears blue and white robes, and carries a staff, a dagger, and a sling.

Start of Character:

Guinevere is traveling the realm of Grabisco, helping people as she sees fit.

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