Veida Wistar – Female Human Barbarian

Veida Wistar – Female Human Barbarian

STR 10 / INT 15 / WIS 10 / DEX 13 / CON 9 / CHA 13

Born in Xesta Wistar (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Honest) (Polite) (Passionate) (The Hobbit)

Female Human Barbarian

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Veida was born in the Grabisco Kingdom, but her family moved to the island of Xesta Wistar when she was young. She lived on the island with her father and her mother, who were both successful merchants. Veida was a bit of a tomboy when she was younger. She loved to explore and get into trouble.

Her father was a strong and kind man, but he also had a temper. Veida learned how to fight and fell in love with the way it made her feel. When she was eighteen, her father was murdered and the house was burned to the ground. Veida’s mother became very ill and died a few months later.

Veida was left alone with no family and no money. She decided to become a mercenary, hired by those with money to pay for her skills in combat. She was hired by the Bor, and was on their payroll for a while. Eventually, she tired of the way they ran things and decided to move on.

She had heard a rumor about an island in the South where a group of people called the Order of the Stars dwelled. She was intrigued, and decided to head that way. Before she left, she made sure to secure all the money she had left in safe places. She then headed south.

She was slightly concerned when she noticed the Bor ships following her. She made it to the island and gave her money to the Order of the Stars, who were thrilled to have her. She was given a small house on the edge of the town, and she stayed there for a year, becoming a paladin.


Veida is a no-nonsense girl. She doesn’t have time for bullshit and doesn’t care about the feelings of others. She pushes herself harder than anyone else and doesn’t let anyone hold her back. If someone gets in her way, she will knock them out of it. She is a master at using her shield and sword to her advantage.

She believes in the code of honor, but it doesn’t mean much to her. She will do whatever is necessary to get the job done and nothing else matters to her. Her word means a lot to her and she will do whatever it takes to keep it.

She is very loyal to her friends and her family, as well as the Order of the Stars. She will do anything for them. That doesn’t mean she cares about their feelings or thoughts. She won’t hesitate to knock someone out of her way if they stand in her way.

She loves children, and tries to be a good role model for them. She isn’t always the best person to look up to, but she does try. She isn’t interested in romance and has learned to push any romantic feelings towards someone else.


Veida has long black hair with dark brown eyes. Her skin is olive colored. She’s very muscular, with a flat stomach and toned arms and legs. She wears leather armor and wields a sword. She’s never seen without her weapon.

Start of Character:

Veida has been hired by the Bor to find the true heir to the Grabisco Kingdom and bring her to the Bor’s palace. She has been sent to the land of Grabisco to find the heir.

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