Sarah Johnson – Female Scientist Biologist

Age: 32

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Female Human Scientist

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Sarah grew up in a large farming family with several siblings and other relatives on her mother’s side of the family. She had a very normal childhood. She liked to help her mother tend to the farm animals and she enjoyed school.

Sarah was always a very smart and studious child and she tested out of high school early to attend college at 18. She was very independent and enjoyed being away from home to study. In college, she became very interested in the medical field and went on to attend medical school.

She quickly advanced and graduated early again, but remained at the college to continue her study and research. She began researching the effects of pharmaceuticals on biological tissue, specifically the effects of antidepressants on heart tissue.

On the research team one night, she accidentally came into contact with what she thought to be a chemical. She was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, but had no memory of what she was doing or why she was there. When she woke up, she found she had no recollection of the previous 5 years.

She was able to figure out what had happened to her due to her research and she was allowed to participate in several research projects after the incident. She helped to develop many new pharmaceuticals that were not tested on animals, but on her.

She was able to re-earn her medical degree, but she had to go back to college to complete the several years of missed schooling. It took her several more years to complete the work, but she finished a second time. She went right back to work afterward.

She became very close with one of the other researchers on her team. She eventually married him, but they divorced after two years. She is still close with him and they still work together as partners in a lab. They are currently researching the effects of pharmaceuticals on the human genome.


Sarah is a very inquisitive person, and always wants to learn more. She is very brilliant, but not always the best at talking to others. She is very shy and doesn’t like meeting new people.

She is very determined and she will always try her best to do the best she can. She is very passionate about her work, but she is always busy working. She knows how to relax and she enjoys her time off, but she gets stressed and anxious if she isn’t doing something.

Sarah is also very trusting and she believes in the good of people. She is kind and will always help out anyone she can. She was raised to believe that everyone deserves a second chance and she gives everyone she meets a chance.

She is very stable and she never worries about the next thing to do. She knows what she wants to do and she does it. She can sometimes be stubborn, but she doesn’t have many issues and she gets along with most people.

She is not be very good at taking care of herself, though. She doesn’t have good hygiene habits and she doesn’t take care of her body. She eats whatever she wants and she never exercises. She doesn’t care much about her health, but she is pretty healthy.


Sarah has red, shoulder-length hair. She has pale skin, and she has a few freckles on her face. She has a big mouth with gray eyes. She always wears loose, faded jeans and a t-shirt with a button-up shirt when not at work.

She does wear make up, but she has a bad habit of not taking care of it. Her hair is often greasy and unkempt. She is of average height and she is fairly thin. She has some muscle on her body, but not much. She often slouches.

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