Wanda Wilson – Female Human Scientist

Wanda Wilson – Female Human Scientist
  • Powers: (Advanced Hearing) (Advanced Flight) (Super Intelligence)
  • Superhero Name: Wanda the White Witch
  • Real Name: Wanda Wilson
  • Secret Identity: Wanda Wilson
  • Alignment: Good
  • Base Of Operations: Unknown

Table of Contents

Female Human Scientist

This superhero character backstory was generated with GPT-3 (See more about LitRPG Adventures below). It was then edited to and added to by me, a squishy human with four decades of slinging words on paper. Enjoy.


Wanda is 5’4″ tall, with long sandy-colored hair, a slender build, and a pale complexion. Wanda is a very attractive young lady, but she is not vain.


Wanda Wilson was a gifted student from a young age, and was always a high achiever. She was active in her community and was respected by her peers. She became a scientist and went for a long time without contact with people.

Her cousin finally got her to go on a date with a man named Victor Raspart. She became engaged to him and was very happy. But then she had a vision of him strangling her. She broke off their engagement. He disappeared after that, but he later resurfaced as the villain “Raspart.”

Wanda enjoys her work as a scientist and has always been fascinated by flight and speed. She has been working on Superspeed, along with Dr. William Sidney, in an attempt to improve the effectiveness of her personal flight superpowers.

As a corporate superhero, she has been a member of the League for a time, but has never been very active in the public service world. Since the League has lessened in activity, she has been spending more time with her two adopted children, Tanya Raspart and her child, Victor Raspart II.

For the past year, she and Tanya have been involved in the Guardians of the Glory, a scientific research team that assists the League and other superheroes in various scientific endeavors.

Wanda and Tanya had been working on ways to improve Tanya’s flying abilities. Wanda had also begun working on a way to augment the abilities of Hulking members of the League. Wanda and Tanya have taken Victor II under their wing and have grown very close to him.

She has been friends with One for quite a long time, and has never gotten to know Mrs. Starbright very well. She has heard rumors that Mrs. Starbright is her grandmother, but has never investigated them. She admires and respects her.

Wanda has been working with William Sidney on various scientific experiments and is not only very close to him, but is becoming a close friend.


Wanda is a very even person with a winsome personality. She is a high achiever and is always on top of things. She is a natural leader and is a very strong leader. She is altruistic, and is highly empathic. She feels sympathy for those with dubious intentions and can see the good in almost anyone.

Oddly enough she has a very independent streak, even despite her strong sense of duty. She will do her duty, but she likes to follow her own path. She’s not a rebel. She has a strong sense of duty and will not shirk her obligations, but she has a very strong sense of right and wrong, and she is not going to be dictated to by anyone.


Wanda has been trained in unarmed combat and is capable of taking on super-powered humans

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