Heather – Female Human Soldier

Heather Zeke – Female Human Soldier

STR 14 / INT 14 / WIS 14 / DEX 13 / CON 13 / CHA 18

Born in Hurlome (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Distinctive) (Quick) (Uncivilized)

Table of Contents

Female Human Soldier

Feel free to use this DND soldier backstory for non-commercial purposes – ie your fantasy tabletop campaign.


Heather’s mother was a soldier in the Grabisco Army. She was away from home most of the time. Heather grew up with her parents, but they didn’t have much time for her. She was lonely as a child. She dreamed of becoming a soldier, but she was also a bit scared.

Her confidence took a hit when she was bullied when she was little. She was tough and she wasn’t afraid to fight back, but her mother taught her that she should stand up for herself without resorting to violence.

She took up sword fighting when she was ten. She did the physical training that the other children did, but always wished that she was a soldier. Her parents thought that she had too much fire in her, so they enrolled her in school.

She didn’t take to it very well and she hated it. She eventually dropped out and ran away from home. She spent the next several years living on the streets. She learned how to steal food and how to find places to sleep.

She started working as a pickpocket when she was seventeen. She was good at it and she was able to get by, but she longed to be a soldier. She decided to try and join the Army again.

After several rejections, she finally found a sympathetic recruiter who saw her potential. Her mother had taught her how to fight and defend herself, but she wasn’t prepared for the physical training that came with military life.

She got sick and her legs and arms started to cramp. Her body was too thin and tired to keep up with the other recruits. She insisted on finishing the training and the instructor agreed to let her do it.

He was impressed by her determination. The instructors saw that she had potential, so they agreed to let her into the Army. She had to gain weight and get stronger, but she did it.


Heather is impatient and somewhat reckless. She’s driven and determined to do whatever it takes to defend what she believes in. She’s not afraid to fight or die if it comes to that, but it’s rare that it ever does.

She’s aggressive and tends to charge into battle without thinking about the consequences. She’s also kind-hearted and easy to get along with. Well, most of the time – ie if things are going her way.


Heather has black hair and a slim build. She has big, beautiful eyes and a fair complexion. She wears a green uniform. She wears a sword on her side and she has a belt of knives on her right leg.

Start of Character:

Heather has left the life of a soldier behind and is ready to adventure around the world of Zaidan.

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