Auilith Aers – Female Dwarf Cleric

Auilith Aers – Female Dwarf Cleric

STR 12 / INT 17 / WIS 12 / DEX 14 / CON 12 / CHA 12

Born in Vortoll No. 2 (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Plucky) (Saddleborn) (Dishonest)

Table of Contents

Female Dwarf Cleric

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Auilith grew up in a large dwarven enclave in the Kingdom of Grabisco. Her family taught her the ways of the earth and how to be a priestess of the dwarven gods. She eventually decided to travel the land and build a temple.

She wandered from town to town, begging for donations from various people to help her build her temple. She was raised by her father and learned the ways of the earth priestess. When she was a child, she was well liked by the community and she continued to be well liked when she grew older.

Her constant begging for funds made her famous for being hungry, but she kept trying. She wanted to build the finest temple that the world had ever seen, and she wanted to help everyone. As she grew older, she began to think she should build a temple to the gods of the underworld.

She began to think she should help everyone in the underworld after she died. She was traveling alone through the Kingdom of Grabisco until she found some adventurers. She asked them if they would help her build a temple.

They agreed to do it, and she joined them. They traveled to the Kingdom of Vortoll No. 2, and she helped build a temple to the dwarven gods. She was pleased that her days were now spent doing what she was meant to do. She was happy to finally do something she had been pushing for her entire life.

She was able to get the funding she needed after she set up the temple as a priestess. She began to get good donations and she had a steady income. She continued to ask for donations on a weekly basis, and she was able to build a decent-sized temple.

After a few years, she and the adventurers decided to look for other work. They traveled to the Kingdom of Vortoll No. 7 and she also built a temple there. She also began to do missionary work for the underworld. She would travel to a new town, and she would do missionary work by helping the infirm and the poor.


Auilith is hard-working, but she can be easily distracted by most things. She is a quick learner and has a nervousness that seems to follow her wherever she goes. She gets along well with most people, but has a hard time interacting with children.

She is clever, but not clever enough to outsmart the local thieves and thieves guilds. She is a good judge of character and can usually tell if someone is trustworthy or not. She wants to help everyone, but realizes that doing good for others requires a sizable trust fund.

When meeting someone for the first time, she likes to offer them a drink and some food to welcome them. She will usually defer to the groups strongest member in meeting new people. She enjoys being surrounded by friends and likes to take part in community events.

She has been able to do good for the community in the past, but has been tricked into doing bad for the community in the past. She knows that the people she meets could possibly be good people, or they could be evil people. She has a difficult time trusting people, but she likes to trust everyone.

She is slow to anger and will usually talk things out with the person that has angered her. She is a good person, but she can sometimes be a bad person. She has an easy laugh and a charming smile. She likes to sing, dance, and drink when she has some free time.

Auilith is a good person, and she does her best to always be a good person. She tries to help everyone she meets, and she tries to maintain the moral high ground. She was raised to be a good person, and she took the teachings of her father. She knows that she cannot save everyone, but she likes to try.

She tries to talk to everyone, but she knows that some people need some privacy. If someone is too prideful and arrogant, she usually just ignores them. She doesn’t really care if they are arrogant or not, as long as they don’t get in her way.


Auilith has short, dark brown hair. Her eyes shine bright in the sun.

She wears a dark blue tunic and pants along with a pair of brown boots. She carries a staff topped with a large crystal.

Start of Character:

She is working on building a temple for dwarven worship in the Kingdom of Grabisco.

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