Fooh-Tiff – Female Wood Elf Wizard

Fooh-Tiff – Female Wood Elf Wizard

STR 16 / INT 8 / WIS 16 / DEX 13 / CON 14 / CHA 10

Born in Jokasury (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Abrasive) (Agressive) (Spellgifted)

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Female Wood Elf Wizard

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Born in one of the Wood Elf villages of Jokasury, Fooh-Tiff was raised by her mother. Her mother had already outlived three husbands and was the only one of her generation to have survived to adulthood.

When Fooh-Tiff’s father died in battle, she was just short of adulthood. Her mother was so consumed with grief, she was never able to properly raise Fooh-Tiff. Her mother’s grief stuck with Fooh-Tiff, which is why she insists on working as a wizard to help people rather than a healer or warrior.

She fought against the darkness in Grabisco, but she was careful to keep her identity a secret. She also fought with the dragons when they collided with the dwarves. She was there when the king was discovered and was almost killed by the dragon dying near the king’s corpse.

Because she was wearing white and gold, the dragon’s last dying breath changed her hair to the same white and gold color. Thus began her life as an adventurer in the realm of Zaidan, Kingdom of Grabisco.


Since she was raised without a strong parental figure, Fooh-Tiff has a strong desire to help people. She’s very caring, sometimes to the detriment of herself. She’s always willing to help someone in need, even if that person doesn’t particularly care for her.

She is usually very trusting and willing to see the good in others. Her abilities as a sorceress have granted her many skills in trickery, and she can make whoever she chooses see whatever she wants. Her talents are many, but she’s weak to the magics of ice and water.


Fooh-Tiff is a beautiful young woman with long black hair and green eyes. Her body is very lean and athletic. She wears a leather outfit with pants and a top made of supple elven leather.

Her hair has changed to the same color as her outfit and is usually tied back to keep it out of her way. She usually carries a staff with an ice spell enchant, a gift from her father.

Start of Character:

Fooh-Tiff is looking for others to adventure with and explore the kingdoms outside of Grabisco, especially other continents.

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