Kyptána – Female Dark Elf Warlock

Kyptána – Female Dark Elf Warlock

STR 10 / INT 18 / WIS 10 / DEX 15 / CON 16 / CHA 11

Born in Dathénia (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Skinny) (Nightsighted) (Slippery)

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Female Dark Elf Warlock

This is a backstory generated with GPT-3 at LitRPG Adventures then added to and slightly edited by me, a human author. If you want to generate your own backstory ideas, read the bottom of this page for more information. Feel free to use this backstory for non-commercial purposes – ie your fantasy tabletop campaign.


Kyptana was born in Dathénia, one of the cities ruled by Priam the Razor. She was arrested at some point in her early life and sent to the Deep Realms of Hearesh. After escaping the prison, she returned to Dathénia to study as a warlock.

She wanted to study the four elements but she was only able to learn the dark arts. She became a member of the Undying Brotherhood. She also met the great Nightshade, a Master of the Dead. (Kyptana was in love with Nightshade until Nightshade died.)

She studied with Nightshade and worked with him for a few years before that happened. After he died, she realized she knew enough about being a warlock to strike off on her own.

That was when she met Edaal the Witch-Hag, who taught her how to channel her magic. Kyptana became Edaal’s apprentice, but she soon decided to make her own way.

Kyptana decided to become a mercenary, but she needed to know the world outside of the Purple Shroud. She traveled to the land of the dwarves to study how they created gems (she was particularly interested in rubies).

She studied for a few years, but one of the younger dwarves was attracted to her and wouldn’t leave her alone. He died for his persistence.

She left the dwarves to study at the Citadel of the Stars. She befriended the Archmage and became his apprentice. She studied under the Archmage for a few years before she left to travel again. She hadn’t yet learned how to use her abilities to create jewels.

One of these days, she hopes to learn that skill.


Kyptana is very cold and distant. She treats others with disdain. She is a follower of the service of Chaos. She is often very amused by the foibles of other people. She doesn’t hesitate to kill her enemies. Because of this, she doesn’t have many friends, but she doesn’t really care.

She often lies and manipulates people to get what she wants. She kind of regrets that she doesn’t have good friends, but she thinks it’s good to have a few enemies.She sometimes wonders what it would be like to be a nice person, but she can never bring herself to trust anyone.

Overall, she is a manipulative and dangerous woman. She likes to see people squirm. She likes to see the pain she can stir up in others. She has a penchant for elaborate lies that are all part of her web of manipulation. She likes to get people to do what she wants by lying.

She has a tendency to be lazy, but she also is rather good at finding devious ways to get things done. She knows how to manipulate people and she doesn’t mind abusing that power. She is free-spirited and she doesn’t mind throwing caution to the wind to get what she wants.

She also knows how to push people’s buttons and make them do what she wants. She will often try to manipulate people into doing things they don’t want to do. She knows how to get people to do her bidding, and she likes to use this power to meet her own ends.


Kyptana is a dark-skinned woman. She has black hair that is cut at shoulder length. She has bright blue eyes and sharp features. She wears a purple robe, dark purple trousers and dark purple long boots.

Start of Character:

Kyptana seeks to destroy Grabisco. She wishes to bring about an “ars magica” that will engulf the city and seal it in a pocket dimension. She wants to make sure this pocket dimension is untouchable by any kind of magic. She puts her faith in a magical dagger which was given to her by a stranger.

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