Lyne – Female Orc Alchemist

Lyne – Female Orc Alchemist

STR 16 / INT 10 / WIS 16 / DEX 16 / CON 15 / CHA 7

Born in Paregia (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Cautious) (Absent Minded) (Agressive)

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Female Orc Alchemist

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Lyne was born in the Kingdom of Grabisco, but her parents are from the nation of Paregia. It is a nation of orcs and half-orcs. Her parents were great warriors but were killed when she was a child. In her young years she was extremely quiet, but she has become more courageous as she has aged.

Lyne grew up in the city of Mootown, the capital of the Kingdom of Grabisco. She never really fit in with the other children and often ran off to the city’s sewers to explore. It was there she befriended some of the locals, who took her in as one of their own.

As a kid, she would hide in the sewers while the “known” thieves kept the guards distracted. It was one of these groups that told her to travel to Alande and seek work with the Thieves Guild. She trained with them for two years before leaving to seek her fortunes in the Kingdom of Bizoya.

This is when she became an alchemist. She fell in love with mixing potions and creating things. Her skills are improving, and she is eager to see where they will take her. She is hoping to one day open her own shop and create potions for the people of Bizoya.


Lyne is generally quiet. She does not speak to many people and will do her best to hide from those she doesn’t know. She is easily frightened and will run off if she sees something that frightens her. She is very loyal to those who become her friends and will do whatever it takes to help them.

She has a strange sense of humor and relies on her silly antics to cheer up those around her. Lyne always feels like she is being watched and will often feel uncomfortable when she is in crowded places. She will often run off to hide in the shadows, or some small dark corner where she feels safe.

Lyne will do her best to learn all she can about her environment. She is cautious and will investigate things before she has a chance to get hurt. This is one of the most important things she learned from her parents.

Likes: Hot tea, hot baths, learning, quiet mornings, goofy humor, and silly pranks

Dislikes: Crowds, being looked at, strangers, feeling alone, scary situations, and loud noises


Lyne has long black hair and bright green eyes. She always has a smile on her face.

She wears black leather armor and wields a dual-bladed axe.

Start of Character:

Lyne currently lives in Mootown and is working as a chemist for the local university. She will often explore the kingdom to gather ingredients for her experiments.

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