Tox – Male Human Decker

This shadowrun / cyberpunk character backstory was generated with GPT-3 (See more about LitRPG Adventures below). It was then edited to and added to by me, a squishy human with four decades of slinging words on paper. Enjoy.

Tox – Male Human Decker

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Male Human Decker

Feel free to use this Shadowrun backstory in your tabletop campaign – ie for non-commercial purposes.


Tox is a world-renowned decker. He now works for those who pay him: those in the shadows, who take on the most daring jobs without asking questions. Tox is a hardened operator who’s seen it all. He’s not afraid to get down and dirty to accomplish his goals.

This can mean anything from computer infiltration to the more traditional asskicking if the situation calls for it. Tox is a top-notch Decker who has a very active mind and a very distinctive voice.

His voice is very versatile, able to give a smooth, charming and professional tone, then easily turn into a sinister, cold and deadly tone. It’s not uncommon to hear him do both in a single sentence.

He has a very strong set of beliefs, but he has some issues when it comes to his job. On one hand, he’d rather see a job he was paid for completed, but on the other hand he will not hesitate to sell out his former employer if it benefits his long-term success.

He doesn’t give up, no matter who or what he’s up against. He will exploit every weakness he finds in his opponent, with cold precision. He is smart enough to realize that he doesn’t have a chance of winning some battles, so he takes the fights that he has a chance at winning.

He is not, however an idiot. He knows when he’s up against someone who is stronger than him, so he knows better than to fight a losing battle against them. He is not above being a smartass, though.

Tox is very skilled in the arcane arts and sometimes uses this to his advantage. He is not a mage himself, but he has some understanding on how magic works and occasionally takes advantage of this. He would never put himself in a position where he was the only one who knew how a spell worked, though.


Tox is a professional who doesn’t let distractions get in the way of business. He’s very calculated in his actions and decisions.

He is, however, not above giving a smartass remark in the right situations, whether it be to make a foe think he’s lying, or to just get a rise out of them. Even though he’s smart enough to know when not to take a fight too seriously, it doesn’t mean he won’t take a fight seriously if he has a chance to win it.

This means, he knows when and where to separate a personal issue from the business at hand. He has the heart of an assassin, but the mind of a businessman. He is cold and calculating, always thinking of the next step in his plan.

He’s an opportunist. He doesn’t have any real attachments to anyone, so he’ll use anyone if doing so will further his long-term goals. Overall, he’s not a bad guy, due to his beliefs and moral upbringing. He uses his abilities to do good, but he just has a lot of interesting ways of doing so.


Tox has short black hair and is balding. Tox’s body is a mess. His skin is riddled with scars and homemade tattoos. He’s a big guy who’s clearly been through a lot. He wears the same thing every day, only changing his costume when the job calls for it.

Start of Character:

Tox is looking for a group who can handle the big jobs. He needs to make enough to live on, and then get out of the life of crime.

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