Io – Male Human Paladin

Io – Male Human Paladin

STR 14 / INT 15 / WIS 14 / DEX 16 / CON 11 / CHA 16

Born in Jantemar (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Specialized) (Focused) (Abrasive) (Zan the AI)

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Io – Male Human Paladin

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IO’s parents were slain by a marauding band of bandits, and he was forced to flee into the wilderness to escape capture. He wandered for many years, surviving off the land, until he came across a hollow tree in the middle of a clearing.

When he got inside, he found a strange sword with a glowing green aura, which he took with him. The sword magically protected him from the predators of the wild and he discovered that he could use it to attack his enemies as well.

One day, he heard the voice of a man crying out in pain and he ran to investigate. The voice was coming from a pack of wolves, who were devouring the body of a man. When the wolves saw him, they attacked him, but IO was able to fend them off with his strange glowing sword.

The man, who was wounded and bleeding heavily, told IO that the wolves had killed his entire party and that he was about to die as well. IO tended to his wounds the best that he could, but knew that the man would die if he didn’t get help.

He left the wounded man in the hollow tree and went to find aid. He met a group of men who were able to heal the man’s wounds and they all traveled together back to the clearing where they found the hollow tree.

Io began the life of a paladin that day as the other paladins took him under their wing and taught him the ways of the order. He learned everything he could about combat and became a strong, formidable warrior.

IO is now a Paladin Chaplain who fights for his team and his Master with his magic sword, and his new found, former-mortal enemies, the wolves.


Io is a bit of a loner. He doesn’t trust people very easily and prefers to keep to himself. He’s never been very close to anyone, and he’s not even sure if he wants to be. He believes that his way of life is the only way to live, and he would never compromise his beliefs.

Io’s dedication to his cause and his dedication to his team are only a step away from each other. He loves the order and everything they stand for, and he is willing to lay down his life in order to keep them safe.

Io sometimes wonders about what he’s fighting for. He knows that he is fighting for good, and he knows that he must defeat evil, but he often wonders at what cost. He’d rather fight evil, than allow innocent people to be laid waste to by it, but he doesn’t know if he can do it alone. He just keeps going.

“Merciful God, hear my prayer. Strengthen me so that I may carry out your work, and let me lead others to your way of life. Guide me to the path of righteousness, that I may keep my comrades safe and do your bidding. When I falter in my strength, let me call upon you. Through you we shall defeat the enemies of good and bring peace to this land…”


Io is tall and muscular, with long black hair and green eyes. He wears faded leather armor and a battered shield. He carries a sword that glows green when it’s unsheathed.

Start of Character:

He has decided to travel the kingdom of Grabisco and see what he can learn about the people, the lands, and the dangers that await him.

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