Lo-Kel – Male Human Knight

Lo-Kel – Male Human Knight

STR 14 / INT 14 / WIS 14 / DEX 11 / CON 15 / CHA 10

Born in Narninia (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Nearsighted) (Illiterate) (Dishonest)

Table of Contents

Lo-Kel – Male Human Knight

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Lo-Kel grew up in the small town of Narninia. His parents were always busy working on their farm, and he was left to his own devices. He explored the countryside around Narnia, learning about plants and animals.

He spent his days exploring the woods and his nights reading about the creatures he had discovered. His favorite was a book about a dragon that slept in a cave. The book described how he would wake from his slumber and fly through the sky to find something to eat.

The descriptions of the dragon’s breath were so vivid that Lo-Kel could imagine it. He would try to recreate it when he went out exploring the woods. He would bend the air around himself to create a current and then breathe it out, creating a ball of air that would bounce around the woods.

He would chase it, bending the air to direct it where he wanted it to go. Eventually, it grew stronger and stronger and he was able to direct it wherever he wanted. He could create balls of air and move them however he wanted to.

One day, he was out exploring the woods when he heard a loud crack. He turned to look and saw a huge tree falling toward him. He closed his eyes and concentrated on moving the air around him to push him away from the tree.

When he opened his eyes, he had been thrown about twenty feet away from the tree. He had done it! He had moved the air around him to push him out of the way of the tree. He thought that until he found out it was his best friend Tom the whole time.

They both became knights for a few years, but were kicked out due to more pranks they pulled. Lo-Kel still acts like a knight, but he’s adventuring for himself these days, and he’s happy about it.


Lo-Kel is inquisitive and loves to talk about his favorite subjects. He is energetic about helping others, but he can get carried away, especially when talking about his favorite subjects. He is highly curious and tends to get into trouble more often than not, though he gets out of it with his wits and luck.

Due to his energetic nature, he tires quickly and has a hard time staying up late. He is a picky eater and can be annoyed easily when people try to eat his food or steal it. Lo-Kel is a huge flirt and loves to hit on the ladies. Iza is very serious and mature, but will not hesitate to make bad jokes to lighten the mood.

He is incredibly loyal even if he isn’t an actual knight anymore, and will protect his friends even at the cost of his own life. He also has a strong sense of righteousness, and believes that he should be the one to punish criminals.


Lo-Kel has long, dark hair and bright eyes. He wears simple clothes that are easy to move in. His skin is very tan. He is short, but well built. Overall, his appearance is very knightly one might say.

Start of Character:

Lo-Kel is currently traveling while studying the natural world. He hopes to one day live in a place where he can study magical creatures in their native habitats. As a knight, he’s hoping he can find a group to adventure with around the world.

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