Maedron Moshe – Male Human Monk

Maedron Moshe – Male Human Monk

STR 14 / INT 16 / WIS 14 / DEX 14 / CON 14 / CHA 17

Born in Librarian’s Campsite (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Cautious) (Spellgifted) (Brawler) (Zan the AI)

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Male Human Monk

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Maedron was born in the kingdom of Grabisco and was an orphan. A friendly, kindhearted monk took him in and raised him. Maedron’s new family taught him the ways of the monk, and he became an excellent warrior. He was taught the ways of the gods.

Maedron’s foster father was killed by a priest of Zan and Maedron sought revenge. He joined a band of priests of Beldaroon and traveled to the kingdom of Zan. He killed the priest and burned down the tower. Maedron’s foster mother died of a broken heart.

He is on a quest to find his birth parents and learn about his past. Along the way, he hopes to bring the light of Beldaroon to the world. His monk abilities have helped him survive long enough to keep his mission alive.

As he begins his life as an adventurer, Maedron hopes to find a life that will give his a sense of belonging and direction. Any group he joins must be willing to take him as he is and not shame him for his past.

Overall, he is a kindhearted, friendly fellow.


Maedron is a good-natured prankster. He loves to tease and laugh and is always smiling. He is a master of disguises and is able to fit in with any group of people. He is extremely loyal to his friends and is willing to die for them.

He finds joy in the little things in life and hates to see others sad or upset. He is able to get on well almost anyone. Not even his own death will slow his good-naturedness.

Maedron does not like to be included in groups that will find fun in being mean or cruel to others. He knows what that kind of thing can do to someone and he will not stand for his friends being treated poorly because they are different.

Maedron is good at keeping his own counsel. He is not likely to air the group’s problems to outsiders. He will not betray his friends, but he will try to solve a problem in a way that is beneficial to all. This does not mean he is a pushover. He can hold his own in a fight, and he will defend himself and his friends with his life.

Unlike many other monks, Maedron is able to carry his own weight in a fight. If he sees the fight is not going well, he will be the first to suggest retreat. He will not quit fighting until he has no other choice.

He is not likely to be the one to suggest divvying up the treasure. Maedron is not greedy and he is not looking for fame or fortune. Still, he loves his friends and he will do what he can to help them.

He has a great appreciation for the earth and all its inhabitants. He is a protector of the weak and will do what he can to make sure no one is taken advantage of. He has a tendency to trust too easily, however, and will not see the harm in someone until it is too late.


Maedron stands at 6’1′ and has long, dirty blonde hair that falls to his shoulders. He has dark green eyes and a broad smile that shows off his perfect white teeth. He wears moleskin pants and a leather vest with boots and gloves. He carries a dagger and a short sword on his belt.

Start of Character:

Maedron is traveling with a band of priests of Beldaroon and is searching for his birth parents. He hopes to return to his adopted family someday.

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