Gaar the Golden – Male Human Ranger

Gaar – Male Human Ranger

STR 14 / INT 7 / WIS 14 / DEX 11 / CON 16 / CHA 14

Born in A medieval (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Relentless) (Dishonest) (Uncivilized)

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Male Human Ranger

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Gaar was born and raised in the Kingdom of Grabisco. He raised sheep, and was good at it. He was always fairly good at hiding himself around his flock, and often hunted and killed wolves when they came near.

He used to go with his friends to the town square on Sundays, and watch the knights fight. He got his first sword when he was 10 years old. It was a simple thing, but he cherished it. He was good at it, and trained with it often.

When he was 15, he was given a new sword. It was a good sword, and he loved it. He went to the town square more often, and watched the knights fight. One day, one of the knights asked him if he would like to fight with them. He was nervous, but he accepted.

He was good at it, but he was too young for them. He returned to fighting wolves, but he continued to watch the knights. He joined the Town Guard when he was 18. He did his duty, but he couldn’t help but return to watching the knights. He admired them, and wanted to be like them.

When he was 20, he was given a new sword, but this time it was a real knight’s sword. Before he could be accepted to their order, he met a woman named Marla who showed him the wonders of the forests. Gaar gave up his dream of becoming a knight and began to spend time in nature.

After a year, Marla left. Gaar is determined to adventure throughout the world as a ranger, protector of the forest with many animal friends. He has a pet ferret named Oscar that he’s had for a few years.


Gaar is a kind and thoughtful person. He is friendly, and knows how to have fun. He is a bit of a prankster, but his pranks are harmless. He is always willing to help people, and is always willing to teach those who want to learn. He is a natural leader, but he is not bossy. He is a good person all around.

When talking to strangers, he is outgoing and talkative, but when talking to someone he knows well, he is quieter and more reserved. He is a bit slow to anger, but when he is angry, he is an absolute force of nature. He is always willing to listen to someone’s problems, and attempt to help if he can.

He is the protector of the forest, and will stop at nothing to protect it. He believes that there is a place for everyone, and will do anything to help ensure that those less fortunate find their place. He has a strong sense of justice, and wants to shape the world into the one he dreams of. He is determined to make people happy.

He is a good fighter, and does his best to complete the jobs he is given. He is good at planning, and loves to use his brain. He is a great craftsman, and can make anything with his hands. He has a very big heart, and is always willing to give to others.

He is not interested in riches, and lives very simply. He enjoys solitude, and usually stays away from people to think. He is very intelligent and thoughtful. He is a good judge of character, and is usually able to tell someone’s true intentions

Overall, Gaar is a jolly young man. He has a big heart and cares for his friends and family. He is a great person to have around, and always knows how to have fun. He is a good person, who always looks out for those around him. He is very loyal, and never betrays the ones he loves.


Gaar is tall, but not too tall. He has light brown hair, and blue eyes. He is strong, but not muscle bound.

Start of Character:

Gaar has always been a knight, and will always be a knight.

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