Ooze – Male Slime Illusionist

Ooze – Male Slime Illusionist

STR 8 / INT 19 / WIS 13 / DEX 17 / CON 10 / CHA 8

Born in Hjarda (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Brawler) (Polite) (Detached)

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Male Slime Illusionist

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Ooze has always had an unquenchable curiosity, so he spent as much time as possible in libraries. He learned several languages, especially Abaso and Gobber. He also learned several different styles of arcane magic.

One day, he went on a pilgrimage to Fane to satisfy his curiosity about the history of magic. He had a hard time finding it, and he searched for years trying to collect all the necessary books.

Eventually, he found the city of Fane. There, he studied the history of magic and learned all about Fane. He found out that he wasn’t really a creature at all, but a really powerful ghost. He couldn’t tell anyone about this, so he decided to leave the city of Fane and learn more about his powers.

He thought if he had enough power, he could defeat the evil that has plagued the Kingdom of Grabisco. Ooze managed to master his powers as an illusionist, then he left Grabisco to gather his strength and prepare.

He made his way to Hjarda, where he was welcomed by the natives. He soon found that they were threatened by the goblins of the nearby mines. He decides to help them by defeating the goblins. That’s when he knew the life of adventure was for him.

As a slime, he’s not accepted by most beings. Most other races, however, are curious about him because they haven’t seen a slime before.


Ooze is very curious. He’s always looking for new knowledge or new places to learn about. He doesn’t like to be interrupted when he’s learning something new, but he always enjoys giving advice to other people who are trying to learn new things.

He’s also very helpful. He tries to be polite, but sometimes he’s a bit too blunt. He’s awkward, but he means well. Due to the fact that Ooze is very detached from his surroundings, he’s found it hard to connect with other people and it’s very unlikely that he has any friends.

He’s very non-violent. He’ll only attack if he has no other option. He’ll also defend any innocent life. He has a high tolerance for pain and he’s very intelligent. He can figure out many different situations by analyzing the facts at hand.

Overall, his personality is probably best described with the word “polite and weird.”

Likes: Sunshine, Loot, Books, Adventure, Learning

Dislikes: Evil, darkness, Death, mushrooms, mimics


Ooze looks like an unwrapped piece of gum. If he gets crushed, he just pops back together again. His hair and beard is very long, and it’s made of the same thing his body is made of but it’s green instead of purple. He wears a purple robe.

Start of Character:

Ooze is traveling around the Kingdom of Grabisco, hoping to find some magical knowledge that can help him defeat the evil that’s plaguing the land.

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