Nienna Nethers – Female Halfling Druid

Nienna Nethers – Female Halfling Druid

STR 9 / INT 10 / WIS 9 / DEX 13 / CON 17 / CHA 9

Born in Beko (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Brawler) (Passionate) (Skinny)

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Nienna Nethers – Female Halfling Druid

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Nienna’s parents were simple miners who worked in a cave mine. They only knew the darkness of the mine and their only friends were the other miners. Nienna’s parents were not very religious and considered the priests who came to the mine to be ‘fanatics.’

Nienna was born in the dark and gloomy mine, and it was all she knew. When she was old enough, she began to help her parents dig for the precious ore that was buried deep inside the earth. One day, strange beings made of fire and smoke came to the mine and brought a light with them.

Nienna was so amazed that she wanted to know more about these strange beings. She made a deal with them, saying she would do anything they wanted if they would share their light. They asked her for rare gems, which she quickly gave them. She soon left the mines and the underworld behind.

Once above ground, Nienna became enamored with nature and the wonders of the surface. Soon, she decided to become a druid and learn to wield the magic of nature. Now, she travels the world, learning more about the wonders of the world, and trying to help others in any way she can.

As an adventurer, she intends to travel to the end of the world and catalog every plant and creature along the way. She is also very determined to stop the spread of the underground world’s corruption and help free her people from their bondage.


Nienna is very inquisitive and interested in everything. She is eager to learn more and is always asking questions. She is very loyal and honest, but she can be a bit naive and gullible at times.

She is a bit of a daredevil, enjoying exciting and dangerous situations. She is also very friendly and caring, almost maternal to others.

She is very passionate and emotional. This can make her rash and impulsive at times. Her emotions can also be a weakness, especially when it comes to love. She is very quick to fall in love and becomes very attached to people very quickly.

She is very fond of nature, in particular trees and forests. She has a deep respect for nature and its healing powers. She is willing to fight for it, even if it means risking her life.

She is very humble and does not like accepting praise or glory. Rather, she would rather others enjoy the fame. For her, a perfect day is a romp in the woods or some other place far away from people.


Nienna is small and cute with long, blonde hair. She wears a robe and carries a staff that glows with the strange light the firey beings gave to her. She has a slight accent that she got from living in the mine.

Start of Character:

Nienna has decided to travel the world, spreading knowledge of Grabisco. She is particularly interested in the druids, priests, and paladins who work to help others. She hopes to teach these individuals about Grabisco and the mysterious fiery beings who are trapping her people underground.

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