Pyotr Puddlehopper – Male Halfling Cavalier

Pyotr Puddlehopper – Male Halfling Cavalier

STR 9 / INT 7 / WIS 9 / DEX 15 / CON 13 / CHA 17

Born in Yslana (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Illiterate) (Agressive) (Absent Minded) (Elberron)

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Pyotr Puddlehopper – Male Halfling Cavalier

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The dark forest of Yslana grew beyond the edge of the kingdom of Grabisco, but it was home to the halflings. Pyotr grew up in the village of Yslana, where the halflings lived.

He was the youngest of the village children and the most adventurous. He soon befriended the other village children, and the five of them formed a group known as the Heroes of Yslana.

They spent their days playing in the forest and their nights telling stories around the campfire. A few years before he turned twelve, the Heroes of Yslana faced their toughest challenge yet. They were captured by a group of gnolls, who were planning to sacrifice them to their horrible god. At the last moment, a priest of Beldaroon arrived and saved them.

The priest took the Heroes of Yslana with him, and they became priests of Beldaroon. Pyotr traveled with the priest to a lot of different places. He learned a lot about Beldaroon and the world. During his travels, he became known as a trustworthy man who would someday make a great adventurer. And that was to come true.

Eventually, he decided to travel to the kingdom of Grabisco and spread Beldaroon’s word there. He plans to eventually travel to the land of Erkan, where he hopes to find more people who will believe in Beldaroon. As a cavalier, he knows how to fight, and he does so in the name of right. Justice for All is his motto, and he loves to help everyone.


Pyotr is very outgoing and friendly. He’s always ready to help someone out. He’s very kind and thinks of others before himself. He’s also very brave and willing to face danger. He’s very loyal to his friends, and he doesn’t like to tell lies.


Pyotr has brown hair and brown eyes. He is short, but he’s very strong. He wears a blue robe with a white stripe down the center. He wields a mace or spear in battle. He looks like a young human boy, but he’s actually 45 years old.

Start of Character:

Pyotr has decided to adventure throughout the Kingdom of Grabisco and beyond, spreading the word of Beldaroon and defeating the followers of Zan. His mission is to find a like minded group of adventurers who aren’t too evil.

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