Zoqet Zingwillow – Male Halfling Cleric

Zoqet Zingwillow – Male Halfling Cleric

STR 17 / INT 10 / WIS 17 / DEX 11 / CON 11 / CHA 13

Born in Eryl’Nethhol (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Quiet) (Stout) (Saddleborn)

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Zoqet Zingwillow – Male Halfling Cleric

Feel free to use this halfling cleric backstory for non-commercial purposes – ie your fantasy tabletop campaign.


Born in the Kingdom of Grabisco, Zoqet was the only son of his parents. He was a quiet child, and was often picked on by other children because of it. When he was old enough, he became a cleric in a faraway temple, far away from his home.

He stayed there for years learning more about his faith. The temple was attacked one day, and he was forced to flee to the nearest temple. He spent the time learning the ways of the clerics in his kingdom. His quiet nature caused him to be a master of self-sufficiency.

One day, a person came to the temple, asking for help for his village. The head of Zoqet’s temple sent him to that village with a small group of clerics. Zoqet wasn’t sure if he would be any help, but the head cleric told him to do whatever he could to help.

At the village, they found the people in disarray, and in need of food, and healing. The village was attacked by goblins, but the clerics of Zoqet’s temple were able to fend them off. Zoqet was able to outmaneuver the goblins. He was able to kill several, and kept the others at bay.

In a daring move, he took out the boss of the goblins. He looted the body, then ran away with his prize. The goblins were infuriated. They chased him, but he escaped with the loot. The head cleric of his temple was disappointed in him, but he later took the loot, and gave it to the village.

Zoqet is now ready to adventure on his own, spreading the word of Beldaroon and helping those in need. He is still quiet and shy, but is ready to do what he can to help others across the world of Zaidan.


Zoqet is a quiet man, who rarely talks to anyone. He usually stays in the temple, studying and praying for the gods. He’s a good man, and a kind soul, but he feels like he’s not good enough.

He’s a master of self-sufficiency. He can survive on his own, and can fend off most attackers. He is also a master of knowledge, and knows much about the world. He can easily point out the major cities of the world.

When talking, he likes to use words like “blasted”, “by the gods”, and “goodness”. He is also very polite and proper, using the words “sir/ ma’am” when addressing others. He’s a nice guy, but he’s usually very quiet.


Zoqet has short black hair and brown eyes. He is of average height and weight for a halfling. He wears simple robes and carries a staff.

Start of Character:

He has decided to join in on the journey of defeating Zan. He is traveling with his brother, Voreth.

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