Miike Fink – Male Aarakocra Shaman

Miike Fink – Male Aarakocra Shaman

STR 15 / INT 11 / WIS 15 / DEX 10 / CON 10 / CHA 13

Born in Jardin (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Skinny) (Easygoing) (Spellgifted)

Male Aarakocra Shaman

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Miike’s parents were a priest of Miya, the Goddess of Family and Fertility, and a priestess of Katarism. Miike grew up in a large temple compound with many other priests and priestesses. Miike was blessed with good looks and a quick mind.

His parents were very proud of their son, and they took every opportunity to tell everyone about his many accomplishments. When Miike was about 16, he began to realize that he was different from the other priests and priestesses around him.

He had a longing to find his place in the world, and he wanted to leave the temple to find it. He left the temple without telling his parents. He traveled for many years, learning about the world around him.

As a shaman, Miike can be adaptable to any situation. He does not have a realistic view of his world. He believes that everything is possible. He is a traditionalist and a romantic, and he is a little naive. He puts his heart into everything that he does and he always tries to do what he thinks is best.

He is not particularly good at understanding the consequences of his actions. His idol is Kezemek, the legendary hero. He hopes that one day he can prove himself to be a great hero as well. He wants to show everyone what a great shaman he is.

He carries a battered old flute and carries a shot rag in his flute case. He also carries an ancient-looking spell book and a vial containing a mixture of various herbs.

He is very skilled in the use of herbs and potions. He carries a small colorful bag containing his spell ingredients and his shamanic charms. He wears armor made of strong leather, and his possessions are kept in a small pack slung over his shoulder.

He carries a mace with a metal human head on the end, but he is skilled in fighting without it as well. He made it himself. He is very handy with magic, and his shamanic abilities are his primary weapon.


Miike is a restless young Aarakocra. He is always seeking something new, and he is always on the move. He has no desire to settle down in one place. He is the world’s first adventurer, exploring the wilderness and seeking new people and new cultures.

He is not particularly interested in wealth or in power. He is always looking for new things to learn and new places to see. He seems to be in a good mood most of the time, and he is certainly not the sort to brood about the past.

He is good at making friends but not interested in having a lot of friends. His best friend is his trusty sword. He always has a friendly greeting for everyone he meets, and he enjoys conversation. He likes to travel alone, though. He likes to travel lightly, and part of him wants to be free of the ties that bind.

He does have a sense of duty, though. He feels a need to explore the world and to learn more about his own people and his own heritage, but he is always ready to come to the aid of someone in need. He is a compassionate young man, and he is always ready to help someone in need.

Overall, his personality is best described as earnest. He has goals and ambitions, but he is not particularly driven. He is like a kite, floating by the wind. Miike can be adaptable to any situation. He is a traditionalist and a romantic, and he is a little naive. He likes it that way.


Miike looks like a normal Aarakocra, with a bird head and a feathered humanoid body covered in feathers.

Start of Character:

Miike has traveled to the Kingdom of Grabisco to visit his parents and family.

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