Solyn Sorrows – Male Halfling Acrobat

Solyn – Male Halfling Acrobat

STR 12 / INT 13 / WIS 12 / DEX 17 / CON 12 / CHA 11

Born in Seren Campsite (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Cautious) (Spellgifted) (Slippery)

Male Halfling Acrobat

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Solyn was born in the Kingdom of Grabisco. He’s lived in Seren Campsite, a rural community, his entire life. He was raised by a single father, who was both a farmer and a blacksmith. His father taught him how to be both a blacksmith and a farmer.

As a result, he developed an interest in both types of work, though he ultimately decided to focus on gemcutting. He would buy raw gemstones from the Elves to melt down and turn into jewelry for the local merchants. He was very good at his job, and he made enough to support his family.

As he grew older, he learned the secrets of being an acrobat from his father. One day, his father suggested that he enroll in the University of the Learning – a school fronted by the priests who would teach him the secrets of the arcane. His father encouraged him, but he refused.

He didn’t want to leave his family. Eventually, his father gave up on trying to persuade him and he went on with his life as a gemcutter. A few years later, his father died after a freak accident at the forge. He was devastated. He felt guilty for not being there.

He had left his family, and his father had been killed. He felt that he had failed his family. He decided to leave Seren Campsite and travel the kingdom to find employment. He left his family behind and joined a small traveling band of entertainers.

They were from the Northern Continent and were hired to tour the kingdom. Solyn found himself something of a celebrity. People loved his acrobatic feats and his sense of humor. He loved being on the road and traveling the kingdom.

He rarely returned to Seren Campsite. When he did, he secretly met with his brother, a traveling merchant. He would sell gems to his brother and his brother would give him supplies. He didn’t want his family to know he was still alive.

He would return and tell them that he had died on the road. It was a good cover, and they never suspected. So began his life as a rogue, an acrobat with a deadly side.


Solyn is cocky and arrogant. He’s a loud braggart and a showman. He likes the spotlight, and he likes people to tell him how great he is. He is also a charmer.

He likes to tell jokes and spread gossip. He loves to gossip about others, and he loves to hear about others’ gossip. he also loves to make jokes at others’ expense.


Solyn is short and thin, with tan skin. His eyes are always twinkling, and he always seems to be smiling.

Start of Character:

Solyn is alone and hates it. He’s looking for someone to adventure with, and he’s lowered his standards.

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