Yuldor Restor – Male Dwarf Chronomancer

Yuldor Restor – Male Dwarf Chronomancer

STR 11 / INT 9 / WIS 11 / DEX 12 / CON 12 / CHA 8

Born in Nuffelstad (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Dishonest) (Nightsighted) (Agressive)

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Male Dwarf Chronomancer

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Yuldor was born to two gold and silver dwarves. His father mined for ore and his mother made jewelry for the wealthiest of the city. Yuldor was given a small apprenticeship as a silversmith as a child, but he was an underachiever.

Despite being frequently praised for his craft, he always felt that his creations lacked substance. This was not enough for him. At the age of 15, he left the village and the ways of his people and set off to find his destiny among the stars.

This is when he trained to become a Chronomancer. As a time-mage, he was able to travel the planes and hunt for treasure. He’s gotten a reputation for being a jack-of-all trades, and a master of nothing. He’s completely self-taught and feels that the only things holding him back are his weaknesses.

Overall, Yuldor is a very intelligent dwarf that has been a victim of his own self-doubt for his entire life.


Yuldor has a very intense and introspective quality. He’s extremely cautious and wary and highly observant of the world around him. He’s very goal-oriented and thinks more about his future than his past.

Yuldor is very cautious and wary. He always thinks before he acts. He can be very reserved and he’s rarely the center of attention. He’s very ambitious and is constantly trying to better himself. He’s very self-conscious and has a hard time trusting others.

He’s highly observant of the world around him and is always trying to figure out what makes other people tick. He has a very low sense of self-worth and puts himself down frequently. He’s very self-conscious, and can be very awkward around others. He’s extremely intelligent, and he occasionally lets his intelligence go to his head.

He’s very honest and straightforward, even if it hurts people. This honesty is also to his own detriment, as his honesty and bluntness alienates him slightly from others.

Yuldor is very concerned with age and mortality. He really only wants to live long enough to achieve his goals. He hates to think about his own death and will go to great lengths to avoid thinking about it.

Yuldor is a very non-confrontational person. He doesn’t like to hurt others and he doesn’t like to have his own feelings hurt. He doesn’t like to be angry around others.

The one thing he values the most is freedom. He will fight to the death to preserve his freedom.

Likes: Potatoes, Gauntlets, Shiny Minerals, Fairness, Agile Weapons

Dislikes: Greed, Chests, Corruption, Quiet, Non-agile Weapons


Yuldor is 5’4”, has black hair and fair skin, and has soft facial features.

He wears a rough-spun robe and pants and a dark grey cloak to cover his face when he doesn’t want to be recognized.

Start of Character:

Yuldor has traveled through Grabisco, the Sussurian Jungle, and all over the land of Henrietta. He has plans to explore the rest of the continent and beyond.

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