Hyram Onyxhammer – Male Dwarf Monk

Hyram Onyxhammer – Male Dwarf Monk

STR 14 / INT 16 / WIS 14 / DEX 15 / CON 12 / CHA 16

Born in Grelmaria (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Plucky) (Quick)

Table of Contents

Male Dwarf Monk

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Hyram was born in Grelmaria. He grew up wanting to become a monk. His parents were both monks, and he quickly learned to fight and meditate. In the beginning, Hyram was a bookish child, and would rather read about martial arts than practice them.

However, after learning a bit more about combat, he began to love the thrill of battle. As he trained, his parents noted his potential, and they taught him all that they knew. After his parents died, he continued training with his older brothers and sisters.

Hyram is very intelligent, and he was able to complete an advanced degree in martial arts by the time he was twenty. Unfortunately, his brothers and sisters were killed in a raid, so he moved to the nearest city, Crowthorne.

While in Crowthorne, Hyram met a woman named Vendetta. They were both hired by a noble, and it was there that Hyram realized he was in love with Vendetta. Unfortunately, Vendetta was murdered soon after that. This pushed Hyram to extreme anger, and he trained harder than ever before.

He now is ready to change his destiny.


Hyram is a very religious man. He believes in Beldaroon, and he prays to the god frequently. He tries to be pious, but he can be hotheaded and arrogant. He is a bit of a know-it-all, and he loves to play the role of the teacher.

When it comes time to train or fight, he becomes downright fierce. This is because he is essentially fighting for Vendetta, who he believes is alive somewhere and he must save her.

Hyram is a master of martial arts, and his fighting style is very distinctive. He likes to be very flashy, and he tries to make each move look more difficult than it actually is.

Hyram is very intelligent, but he is also incredibly naive. He is very trusting of others, and he will not want to believe that anyone has ill intent.

This naivete is what makes his friends like him. He is very kind, and he will sacrifice himself for the good of others.

Likes: Hymns, Battle Hymns, Love Hymns, Hymns about Hymns, Hymns about Food, and Anything Hymns.

Dislikes: He does not like evil, and he will not stand for it.


Hyram is a very short, stout dwarf. He has very thick and muscular arms and legs. He has dark brown skin and a bald head.

Start of Character:

Hyram wants to build a monastery for the Gods. This is his first chance to do so. He hopes that he can do it without too much trouble from the people of the Kingdom of Grabisco.

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