Uej – Male Firbolg Enchanter

Uej – Male Firbolg Enchanter

STR 19 / INT 16 / WIS 7 / DEX 13 / CON 7 / CHA 15

Born in Bunch of Old Bats (Hamlet of Bunch) (Murkmarti Empire)

Notes: (Inattentive) (Reckless) (Dishonest)

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Male Firbolg Enchanter

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Uej was born and raised in the small village of Bunch of Old Bats. His village was pretty normal and simple. He was a very gifted mage and decided that he wanted to do more. He left the village and traveled to a nearby city, hoping to find a place to study.

He was able to get admission into the prestigious Academy of Ledale, and he spent the next decade there learning all kinds of things. He was very good, and he was a favorite at the school. He was also very popular, and he found a girlfriend there, but he left her.

Studying to be an enchanter was his sole motivation, and he put everything else behind him. He graduated the top of his class and decided to open his own shop in the city. He was doing very well, but he started to become overwhelmed.

After several months he just burned out, and he found himself in a very dark place. He closed his shop and returned to his village. Things were not the same. He found out that his girlfriend had married someone else, and he was never able to recover.

He was doing very poorly, and he started to miss his old friends at the Academy. He decided to go back there and try to restart his career. The Academy would not let him return to the school, so he took off on his own.

Overall, Uej is pretty normal, if a bit edgy sometimes. He is a trained enchanter, and he is able to enchant various objects to help him in a fight. When in battle, he tends to be very reckless. He will not stop to think or plan at all. He is just a man possessed.

While he is not a bad person, he is prone to lying. He will do anything to get what he wants. He is a talented mage, and he trained to be an enchanter, so he is pretty good at enchanting things. He can be pretty lazy and will not do anything he does not want to do. He does not like responsibility.


Uej is a very pleasant and interesting person. He is very well-liked by all and has an infectious laugh. He has an almost child-like innocence, and he is a very smart man. He is also a very kind person, and he is very loyal. He is very goofy and has a good sense of humor.

Uej tends to be playful, and he likes to poke fun at people. He is also pretty impulsive, so he is a little unpredictable too. He is able to change a lot depending on the situation. He is not a very caring person, and he does not really care about much.

To him, there is no such thing as consequences or hurting others. That does not mean that he just does whatever he wants, but he does not question things very much. He is very laid back and incredibly lazy. He will do the bare minimum, and he will not do more than that.

He is very smart, but he is not good at studying. He has never been good at doing things that require him to think a lot. He is a very good and quick learner though, and he has a good memory. He is a very good friend, but he can develop some really bad enemies.

He is extremely competitive and will help anyone who asks. He does not like to do things that are difficult or daunting. He is a very happy and positive person. He is very self-centered, and he tends to be too trusting. He is also very spoiled and self-indulgent.

Likes: Music, Magic, Friends, Studying, Clothes, Dueling, Bards

Dislikes: Lazy People, Studying, Little People, Evil People

Motivation: To start his own business and gain great wealth.


Uej is a very tall, heavy-set man. He has long, dark red hair that is combed back, and his eyes are a deep brown. He wears simple peasant’s clothes of brown with a white shirt beneath it. He has a black cloak that he wears to protect him from the elements.

Start of Character:

Uej has come to Ledale to pursue his studies. He spends most of his time consulting with scholars and working on his books.

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