Boomer – Male Halfling Siege Mage

Boomer – Male Halfling Siege Mage

STR 12 / INT 15 / WIS 12 / DEX 4 / CON 15 / CHA 10

Born in Paregia (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Slow) (Focused) (Saddleborn) (Camelot)

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Male Halfling Siege Mage

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Boomer was born into a small village on the western coast of Paregia. He grew up helping the village fishermen along with his cousins. The village was quiet, with the exception of the cackling of roosters in the morning and the splashing of the sea in the afternoon.

Boomer loved his village, but after he had discovered enough magic, he decided to go to Paregia to study under the Great Wizard on the Hill. There were rumors that many great wizards had come from Paregia. When Boomer arrived in Paregia, he was disappointed.

The city was crowded and filthy. He wanted to leave immediately, but he was determined to master magic. He took up residence in the wizard’s tower, which was the tallest building in town.

When he had learned enough, he left to travel the world. He wanted to travel the largest and most interesting places he could find. No matter where he goes and what he does, he always wears his racoon hat.

He plans to find the largest cities and fight in the biggest tournaments. He hopes to one day make it big so he can return to Paregia with a fortune. Until he does, he will flaunt his riches. Everyone will know what a talented wizard he is.

As a merchant, Boomer collects rare and expensive items. He will pay double his gold value when selling items to other merchants. He knows he can always make that money back easily in the market.

As a warrior, Boomer will defend only if he is at a higher health value than his opponent. As a wizard, Boomer will not use any offensive magic until his opponent When that happens, he brings out his most explosive spells and attacks.

Boomer’s destiny is to amass money and collect rare items.


Boomer is a bit of a sarcastic prankster. He enjoys a good joke or a witty remark. He is a decent fighter and loves to spend his time with his friends.

While he is kind and noble, he is not an easy mark. He has a bit of a short temper and hates for people to be dishonest with him. While he is a genius when it comes to engineering, he is pretty ignorant when it comes to personal relationships.

He is trying to learn the ropes of personal relationships with the help of his friends. He is still fairly ignorant which makes things difficult for him.

Likes: Jokes, banter, witty remarks, good food, friends, games, ale, and rich people.

Dislikes: People who are not honest, crowds, dishonest people, and work.


Boomer is a small halfling with racoon-hair. He wears an old, solid brown, cloak and light tan pants. He has a small black staff that he uses to cast spells and a small leather sack that holds all of his belongings.

Start of Character:

Boomer is ready for adventure – and to make some big booms in a dungeon somewhere.

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