Jake Jones – Male Journalist Photographer

Jake Jones – Male Journalist Photographer

Age: 34

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Male Journalist Photographer

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Jake Jones grew up in a small town in Northern Europe. He started working as a photographer for a local newspaper and was on his way to be a professional. Unfortunately the world was at the brink of war and the newspaper lost its funding.

Jake decided to amuse himself with taking pictures and since then he has carried a camera everywhere with him. He started to shoot for the small town paper again but found himself on a small island called Anarchy Acres. He has been taking pictures and writing articles ever since.

He enjoys it because he gets to meet so many different people while traveling around the world to photograph and write stories. On his travels he gets to meet his idols and somehow gains an inside scoop to their lives.

He never misses an opportunity to snap a picture. He has a photography studio at home and literally loves every moment of his job. Right now he works mainly on advertisement, getting to snap pictures of the latest and greatest technology.

He never really understands why people think of him as a successful photographer but he is happy that people respect him enough for him to earn his living as a journalist. He probably deserves the title more than anyone else out there. He has a lot of stories to tell, he has met a lot of people and has a lot of picture material to present.

He is the ultimate voyeur and loves to snap pictures of almost everything. Right now he is on the path of the reporter and is planning on writing a book in the future.

He has a big heart and loves people and he loves to take pictures of people. He loves to take pictures of the smiles on people’s faces, he loves to take pictures of nature and to see it grow. He loves to take pictures of small insignificant moments in time. He loves to capture a moment in time, a photographer through and through.


Jake is very friendly and loves to be in the company of other people, so he probably created many friends on his travels around the world. He loves to party and loves to have a drink with friends. He is interested in a lot of things and is always trying to find out new and exciting things.

If Jake is not taking pictures of everything he sees, he is probably searching for something to take pictures of. He likes to take pictures of the smallest things and the biggest things, it doesn’t matter to him.

You get the feeling that he is always smiling and that he is having a good time. He is very supportive of other people and he loves to try and help everyone he can. He might also be a bit naive, maybe because he is so interested in everything around him?


  • “You know, I would have been fascinated by a time machine growing up. Now I am in one. Things really have changed.”
  • “I can’t for the life of me understand you sometimes. It’s like you are from another planet.”
  • “You know, I create the story and the pictures, I have to have an inside scoop to make it work.”
  • “I am glad you are here to make it all happen.”
  • “I love to travel and I love taking pictures. It’s a win win situation.”
  • “I would love to take you back to my home town, you would love it there. It is so beautiful.”
  • “I love to write, it’s a great way to express myself.”


Jake has deep brown hair and deep brown eyes. He has a short bushy mustache on his upper lip, which matches his natural deep brown hair.

He is a tall guy and has a nice athletic build and good skin. He has a great smile and a warm heart.

Overall, he looks like a nice guy. His skin is slightly tanned from multiple long trips but he has a decent physique.

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