Q – Male Ork Street Samurai

Q – Male Ork Street Samurai

This shadowrun / cyberpunk character backstory was generated with GPT-3 (See more about LitRPG Adventures below). It was then edited to and added to by me, a squishy human with four decades of slinging words on paper. Enjoy.

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Male Ork Street Samurai

Feel free to use this Shadowrun backstory in your tabletop campaign – ie for non-commercial purposes.


Q is an ork who has been on the run for the last few years. He deserted his military unit and has been running ever since. He has a chip on his shoulder because of the pressure he felt to join and fight in the military. Since he’s on the run, he’s been trying to decide what to do with the rest of his life.

He loves battle, but he doesn’t want to join the military again, so he joined the Augmentation Program to get his augmentation, but his body had a bad reaction to the cyberware and he ended up having a seizure.

After being healed, he was forced to do some physical therapy. During his PT sessions, he met some members of Dragonslayers and decided to join. He’s not very good with difficult conversations, but he’ll speak his mind about anything. He doesn’t like people trying to tell him what to do.

Overall, he is all about getting revenge on the corporation that made him have his seizure and made him look like a fool. He’s hoping that with some battlefront experience that he can get revenge and maybe he’ll do something more with his life.

Q is an expert marksman and is an extremely precise hitman. His angry, stubborn demeanor makes him a very aggressive street samurai. He’s got a slow-burning fuse, but once he reaches his tipping point, he goes from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds.

Q hates the corporate world and he’s been on the run for a while. He’s been trying to figure out how to get revenge on the corporation that made his life miserable… and that he wants to get rid of.

He has a chip on his shoulder (literally), and he will speak his mind. He would rather fight than talk, will not hesitate to go into battle, and he’ll charge in head-first without a second thought.

Quinn is a huge fan of orks and he’s an extremely loyal military man. He’s not one for social interaction, and he’s not very good at it. He doesn’t like to be bothered with long conversations… and he’d prefer to solve things through his trusty rifle.

He can be aggressive, but he’s not above strategy.


Q has a sort of anti-authority frustration that drives him to do what he does. Some of it is from being a military deserter, but some of it also comes from a desire to be a good father.

He comes from a rough background and it’s hard for him to get the respect he wants to get from the crew… so this feeds into the frustration that fuels him. He’s got a chip on his shoulder, and he’s looking for a challenge.

He’d rather talk things out rather than fight, but don’t make him mad.

Q is a slow-burning, patient person, but once his fuse reaches his breaking point, he gets really angry really fast. He’s not one to show his emotions outwardly, but he’ll definitely let you know how he feels… and you won’t like the way he lets you know. He won’t hold back.

He’s reasonable, but he doesn’t like to be pushed around.


Q is pretty tall for an ork and is muscular. He’s got dark brown skin and black hair. He usually wears some military fatigues and armor, but he’s not fond of wearing the stuff. He carries a laser rifle and a katana.

Start of Character:

Q wants to team up with a small group of like-minded folks. He’s sick of running and wants to travel with a group so that he doesn’t have to spend all his time protecting himself.

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