Caerdenn – Male Snow Elf Necromancer

Caerdenn – Male Snow Elf Necromancer

STR 17 / INT 16 / WIS 17 / DEX 18 / CON 9 / CHA 12

Born in Krell (Grabisco Kingdom)

Notes: (Reckless) (Honest) (Skinny)

Table of Contents

Male Snow Elf Necromancer

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Caerdenn was an orphan, raised in the forests of Grabisco. There were a few other children who were also orphans, but they were antisocial. They didn’t like the other children in the village, the ones who were born with families.

Caerdenn wasn’t bothered by that. He’d come to understand that everyone had their own problems, and it was his job to help them. His view of the world was directly opposite of that of the village’s elder.

He was constantly punished for his compassion and eagerness to help others. This led to him being kicked out of the village after his plans to help a sick troll led to a massive fire.

He was determined to prove that he was right to help people, no matter what the elders would have said. That meant traveling to the city of Osa and getting the education necessary to become a priest of the god of death, Krell.

He studied for many years in the city of Osa with the priests of Krell, learning their doctrine and discovering their rituals. It took many years, but eventually he was called by Krell to return to his home kingdom to serve his people.

Unfortunately, along the way, he became corrupted and began studying the dark arts. When he became a necromancer, he began bringing back the dead to help people. Nobody liked their loved ones coming back as undead, though, so he became hated.

Caerdenn wants to help people, and he thinks the best way to do that is to continue his studies as a necromancer. If he can become a lich someday, he could live forever and help so many more people live forever … and under his control.


Caerdenn is known for his powerful faith and the way he can make others feel. He is driven by compassion and a need to protect and serve others. He tends to engage in terrifying rituals when he feels his followers are in danger.


Caerdenn is a tall elf with pale skin and pale hair. He is often dressed in the robes of his order. His eyes are very intense.

Start of Character:

On his return, Caerdenn feels the pull of multiple fates. He has been called back to his home kingdom to serve his god, and he has been called to serve the common folk of his homeland, but both require him to make choices that don’t seem right to him.

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